Save Conference Calls for later on Android

Most hosts are good about publishing recorded meetings so I can listen later. Until now, it’s been way too complicated to remember to actually listen to it. But that’s all changed, thanks to this setup.

  1. Save the audio file to a directory in DropBox. I chose “Podcasts”.
  2. Configure DropSync to download that directory to your Android phone automatically.
  3. In BeyondPod: Add feed > Import feed from SD Card > Choose the “Podcasts” directory.
  4. (Bonus Step) Download Presto so you can listen to calls at 1.5x the speed. Everyone sounds like they’re on helium. You save time, and it’s hilarious.

Now, as soon as you save the audio file to the Dropbox directory, it’ll show up in your podcast manager. Bam.

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