Adding RSS feeds to Tiny Tiny RSS with Chrome

  1. Get a Chrome extension like the now-defunct RSS Subscription Extension. TechCrunch helpfully provides a list of alternatives.
  2. On the Extensions page, choose the RSS Subscription Extension‘s Options link.
  3. Click Add…
  4. Enter whatever you like for the description, and the following URL:


Where $SERVER is obviously wherever you’ve installed tt-rss. You probably have to have the external API enabled in preferences for this to work.

5 thoughts on “Adding RSS feeds to Tiny Tiny RSS with Chrome

  1. This was a fantastic little bit of info and (including the follow-up comment). Maybe post an edit the original post since your article is pretty high up on the Google Search results and you may get a bunch more people looking for this content.

    Anyway, thanks for the help, Gunnar!


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