This Week in Red Hat

So we had a bunch of announcements this week. Here they all are, in one place. Hopefully, we don’t announce anything on Friday.

  • We announced our Platform-as-a-Service strategy and our plan for OpenShift, which is all part of our Open Cloud. I’d tell you if this was just some boring product announcement. It’s not. When I was briefed on it, I got so excited, I actually thanked the team that did it. That never happens. I’m excited.
  • What, you haven’t heard me talk about Common Criteria in a while? Let’s fix that: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, with our KVM virtualization tools, has been certified at EAL4+. We did it with IBM. If you’re counting, that’s Red Hat Enterprise Linux’s 15th Common Criteria certification.
  • Forbes put us on their “Fast Tech 25” list, whatever that portends.
  • Association of Support Professionals named Red Hat’s Customer Portal one of the top 10 in the industry, for the second year in a row. If you want to learn more about what Red Hat customers get from the site, check out the video below: