Huginn Screenshot

Like IFTTT, but you can run it yourself. Slurps up events and lets you do things with them. I got it working on OpenShift.

Dave and Gunnar Show Screenshot

A weekly podcast. Dave Egts and I talk about Red Hat, US Government IT, privacy, and raising kids who can code. 




atjine-tumblr screenshot 1Creates an RSS feed that’s easily digestible by WordPress. It’s how I connect to this site.

gov-oss screenshot 1A timeline of open source events, projects, and news that Karl Fogel and I put together for OSCON in 2012. If you like the website, it’s on github.




I started keeping track of all my configuration files. They’re on github.


Work keeps a global marketing calendar, so everyone can know what’s going on. Unfortunately, it’s in a pretty terrible web page, with only PDF and CSV formats as an alternative. So I wrote a proxy that turns it into an ICalendar format I can subscribe to from Zimbra, Google Calendar, whatever. It’s also on github, and you can check it out in action on OpenShift.


An SELinux policy that lets NewRelic work properly, especially for PHP. On GitHub, of course.


Takes a markdown file and turns it into a beautiful reveal.js presentation and an Edward Tufte-style whitepaper. More on the website.

WordPress Themes

In the unlikely event that anyone wants to copy (or fix!) my wordpress sites, I have all the code on GitHub: