Panopticon for dog poop.

I'm watching you.
I’m watching you.

An HOA is now taking DNA samples from dogs to enforce their pooper scooper rules. Yes, it’s in Florida.

Acosta said it costs $35 to register pets and $50 to analyze the waste samples. Hollywood Station doesn’t charge residents to register their pets — it’s part of their nonrefundable $350 pet deposit — but subsequent fines are subtracted from their security deposit, Acosta said. They’ve upped their violation fee from $100 to $150 to compensate for the testing costs.

Whenever someone doesn’t scoop their dog’s waste, Hollywood Station employees head out to the scene, put on gloves and with a spatula collect a small portion — “the crust” — of the poop, Acosta said. The employee drops the sample into a solution-filled bottle, about four inches tall, seals it, shakes it and labels it with the time and place of the evidence. Some employees are thrilled to get a match.

My father sent this over yesterday. A few reactions:

  1. These folks are blessed, such that there is no better way to spend their time than send dog poop to Tennessee.
  2. Notably, they’ve decided that it’s better to go through enormous pains to create normative behavior, rather than, say, paying some dude to clean it up.
  3. In fact, they’re already paying someone to clean it up, since someone is collecting the samples.

In software, we call this bike shedding: spending a ton of time on the details, process, and fines while completely ignoring the larger issue.

[via sun-sentinel.]