Red Hat Government Symposium 2013 Roundup

There were a bunch of announcements at the Red Hat Government Symposium this week, and I wanted to make sure we had them all in once place.

Robert Brese, CIO for Department of Energy, announced the Energy Data Challenge, handing out $100,000 over the next year for apps that use the Department’s data. Secretary Moniz has, bar none, the most amazing haircut in the Federal government.

Matthew Burton and Clinton Dreisbach of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau showed off the CFPB Developer Blog, and demonstrated qu, their data exploration tool.

Kshmendra Paul from the Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) discussed the value of NIEM, the open standard for sharing intelligence information and announced the release of a NIEM UML modelling tool, which will make it easier for developers to incorporate NIEM into large enterprise software projects. They also have space on github for questions, ideas, and requests for the NIEM standard.