How Linux, sandboxes and happy accidents can help a soldier.

Today, we announced that Red Hat Enterprise Linux is shooting for its 14th Common Criteria certification. My job means I get excited about Common Criteria certifications, which also means I'm unpopular at dinner parties. This certification, though, has me more excited than usual, because it means much more than a rubber stamp from a certification … Continue reading How Linux, sandboxes and happy accidents can help a soldier.

Open Source on the Battlefield

In Iraq, Sergeant 1st Class Martin Stadtler had nothing. He was stationed near Mosul, at a base that covers 24 square kilometers. Surrounding the base was a wall, and at intervals along that wall stood watchtowers. Those towers were improvised; they were large concrete water pipes, stood on their ends. Inside each tower is a pair of soldiers. They're watching for insurgents. To communicate with the home base, they had standard-issue tactical radios. Unfortunately, these radios couldn't reach home base -- the base was too big. Soldiers had to play a game of Telephone to reach the base: one tower radios the next until they are finally in range of the home base. Obviously, this would not do.