DOD Open Technology Development Guide Released!

The DOD's second Open Technology Development Roadmap has been released: "Open Technology Development: Lessons Learned and Best Practices". It's a handbook for using and making open source in the DOD and the US Government, sponsored by the Secretary of Defense. It provides practical advice on policy, procurement, and good community governance, all under a Creative … Continue reading DOD Open Technology Development Guide Released!

Open Source in Government: Who was first?

Brian Purchia of Burson-Marsteller has a post over on GovFresh about the value of open source to unions. His argument pivots on cost-savings. I think you could make a more expansive argument that includes risk mitigation and innovation, but describing the advantage to unions is an interesting angle I hadn't seen before. I noticed that … Continue reading Open Source in Government: Who was first?

Sunlight Week: accountability for earmarks

Earmarks are a notorious vehicle for pork, in part because they lay nestled inside opaque legislative prose. In the FY2010 budget, WashingtonWatch's crowdsourcing effort identified 40,000 separate earmarks -- about 75 for every elected official. There was a lot of talk about earmark prohibitions earlier this week, and each party swears it will be responsible … Continue reading Sunlight Week: accountability for earmarks