Computer In a Wall

Sugata Mitra installed a computer in a concrete wall, facing an alley that local children used as a bathroom. In short time, these mostly illiterate children became computer-literate -- downloading MP3s, drawing with MS Paint, and playing games on

The children create their own metaphors to do this. To give you an idea of what I mean, a journalist came up to one of these kids and asked him, "How do you know so much about computers?" The answer seemed very strange to her because the kid said, "What's a computer?" The terminology is not as important as the metaphor. If they've got the idea of how a mouse works and that the Internet is [like a wall they can paint on], who cares if they know that a computer is called a computer and a mouse is called a mouse? In most of our classes here at NIIT, we spend time teaching people the terminology and such. That seems irrelevant to me with these children.

Alert DC

Finally, a competently administered good or service provided by DC Government. The Emergency Management Agency's Alert DC will send you an email, SMS, or page with school closings, weather warnings, and other emergency-management-y events.

When RDC for OS X isn’t working

Q: Why does Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection for OS X tell me that I've reached the user limit or that I'm having a network error when neither of these things is true? A: There's a license file. It's on your Mac, in /Users/Shared/Microsoft. Delete this directory and try again. That should take care of the problem.