The future of the government forges

The GSA is currently planning, which is widely assumed to be based on, the much-discussed collaboration platform from the Defense Information Systems Agency, or DISA. is a pretty incredible idea: a single destination for testing, certification, and software development in the Defense Department. It sounds obvious, but the idea remains revolutionary. For … Continue reading The future of the government forges

Meridian Hill Park: Full of Fail.

Meridian Hill Park, which is also known as Malcolm X Park, is at 16th Street NW and W Street NW in Washington, DC. It was built from 1914 to 1936. I had been told that it was created as part of a campaign to make Washington the host of the Prime Meridian. Many cities were vying for the privilege of hosting the arbitrary marker, and in the same way that a city will build a stadium to encourage the Olympic Committee, Washington organized Meridian Hill Park. Here's a shot that captures the... sloppiness that can be found there: Though it's a little down-at-the-heels, Meridian Hill Park still has an air of importance. Even if it's an importance that's mostly forgotten. For that reason, I think it's a very romantic place. Or so I thought. Wikipedia tells me that I'm wrong. Completely.