Cheapskate Overtime Rules

Some of you may have heard the story on NPR this week about how the Bush administration is proposing changes to the overtime rules. They are touting it as a way to give more OT to some million low wage workers. But, what it’s really about is not allowing overtime to many more millions. Anybody who makes over $22,000 and supervises two or more people. So, your 7-11 manager? Executive, ineligible for overtime. Your McDonald’s boss? Management: ineligible.

NPR pointed out that the last day to comment is Monday. I looked high and low on the Labor Department website and couldn’t figure out how. So, I called. They told me it may be too late. Got another number. Was transferred. Finally got the email address. If they want to keep people from commenting this much, I’d say it’s worth it so send an email.



March 27, 2003
U.S. Department of Labor Proposal Will Secure Overtime for 1.3 Million More Low-Wage Worker
Department Seeks to Modernize 50-Year-Old Wage Regulations
The U.S. Department of Labor today published a proposal to modernize its 50-year-old regulations defining exemptions from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) for “white-collar” employees, a measure that will help small businesses grow and guarantee overtime pay for 1.3 million more low-wage workers.
“Our proposal will strengthen overtime for the most vulnerable low-wage workers and allow for stronger Department of Labor enforcement of this important worker protection,” said U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao.

Yeah, I’ve looked at the new rules and all that. Yes, they do raise the limit. But the point is: is the rule fair? Is $22,000 really a point at which you say, whew! now I’ve made it! Now I’m making so much and I have so much authority and so much invested in this company, that I don’t really deserve overtime! The old rule was absurd, they supposedly went to fix it and they didn’t.

8 thoughts on “Cheapskate Overtime Rules

  1. this sucks i hope the dems stomp on this they change this law and my family will be in the poor house faster then u can turn around we can’t pay all our bills with out my husbands overtime and if they take it away we will be in serios hurts ville bush can kiss my ass on this idea it sucks
    and i’m not ready to be in money trouble cause he wants to change the rules


  2. You people are sooo stupid and such suckers for whatever some twit tells you the Bushy’s are up to. GO READ THE OVERTIME PROVISIONS!! GOOD GRIEF!


  3. He is right, take a look at the actual proposal. It is at the department of labors website. The bill actually raises the salary for exemption from the fair labor act. Don’t trust these people, infact don’t trust me, take a look at the actual proposal.


  4. Like I said, go read the published proposal instead of just taking some Demorat lacky’s word for what it says:

    Under the Department of Labor’s proposal, any salaried employee making less than $425 a week (or $22,100 a year) automatically would qualify for overtime. The previous minimum threshold, adopted in 1975, was $155 a week (see box).

    This change would make an additional 1.3 million low-wage workers eligible for overtime, the department says. But 640,000 white-collar workers could lose their eligibility for overtime because of changes in the duties tests for employees and a provision that exempts all employees who make $65,000 a year from overtime if they perform any of the duties described in these tests.


  5. Yes, and if you look at the “new” provisions of the “TESTS”, anyone who has any skill, which exceeds those of high school, can be classed as professional……and denied overtime….Well I’m not sure but, I don’t recal a class in high school where I learned anything about pnuematic flow testing of aircraft components…Under the new povisions, I’m a professional..I exercise independent judgement, and have skills greater than those learned at the high school level…So there goes half of my annual salary. Lots of overtime in this business…most of which I will no longer have a choice to work or not. And now all of it for $35,000 base pay. Man are they going to get great deal on me or what.


  6. When people go to the polls to vote in the upcoming election, REMEMBER who’s DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for initiating these new Overtime rules which eliminate overtime for millions of workers, earning between $24,000 and $100,000 per year. REPUBLICANS!!! REPUBLICANS!!! REPUBLICANS!!!….


  7. I am an an Administrative Assistant. I GROSS approxamately 23,000 but I probably only take home about 18,000 with pension deductions, taxes insurance etc… I also am a single parent. This overtime rule is absurd, appaling, I am so sick just talking about it. So what is it that they want me & my child to do to make it, do i have to sell a$$ on the corner, but then the Johns couldn’t even work overtime to be able to afford it.


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