#1: Fail Faster

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In our first episode, Dave and Gunnar talk about the Air Force, sequestration, why the CIA is worried about education, and why TSA Pre-check is the greatest thing for air travel since e-ticketing.

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Show Notes

5 thoughts on “#1: Fail Faster

  1. I love TSA Pre-check. I know that some people have privacy fears. I know that they can track me already. This just makes it faster for us both ;-)

    I have also been following FAA NextGen and the initiatives around SWIM(http://www.faa.gov/nextgen/swim). It has the chance to improve air travel greatly, but as with anything there are risks. There are so many moving pieces to integrate with NextGen.


    1. Thanks Kit! I agree about the mic and got a new one for ep2. :-)

      Hopefully the lessons learned in ep1 allowed me to fail faster to succeed sooner in ep2! Let us know what you think. In the mean time we’ll keep on refining the setup for ep3 and beyond!


  2. You may already know, but frequently when Gunnar is talking, the compression seems messed up – for example around 11:30, etc. It’s not all the time though.


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