Huginn on OpenShift

Huginn is like IFTTT for nerds. I think the project is really interesting, but couldn’t get it running on my own server, so OpenShift to the rescue. I have an “openshift” branch which seem to work pretty great. I just submitted instructions which should show up on the upstream wiki: Deploying on OpenShift.

2 thoughts on “Huginn on OpenShift

  1. Hey Gunnar:
    Fixed the wiki for the new command line usage – you can now spin it all up in 1 command.
    Thanks for porting it to OpenShift!


    1. Thanks, Steve! I had to revert the change, sadly, because the openshift goodness is on the “openshift” branch, and not the master, because I’m waiting for some upstream configuration refactoring to finish. Doing it in one step is way more badass, but we need to use the individual steps to specify the branch we want.


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