#10: Go Ugly Early

This week with Dave and Gunnar: Open Data Policy, Scratch update, Facebook’s OSS network hardware, intentional and unintentional declassification, Red Hat Support up in your screen, how the DOD is using OpenShift, markdown, and Year 0 of the Meeting Jihad .

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Going extremely ugly, skeumorphic-style.

Cutting Room Floor

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2 thoughts on “#10: Go Ugly Early

  1. I was just watching the Merlin Mann video earlier this week. It is most excellent and sure to cause lots of friction for folks who love to hold meetings about meetings. Great way to avoid bikeshedding too, a common rabbit hole in meetings with any technical folks in the room.

    Oh I just hung this in my “cube” to avoid yak shaving http://xkcd.com/1205/ .. or to try avoiding at least.


    1. Nice! I added Parkinson’s Law of Triviality to the queue for a future episode. Thanks Matt!


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