An alternate, more official-sounding bio

Here’s the bio I use for conferences and speaking engagements. It’s less flip than what I’ve posted on my About page. If you’re reading this bio, you’re probably also interested in an official headshot, which you can get if you click the photo.

Gunnar Hellekson is Vice President and General Manager for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux business. Before that, he was Chief Strategist for Red Hat’s US Public Sector group.  He is a founder of Open Source for America, one of Federal Computer Week’s Fed 100 for 2010, and was voted one of the FedScoop 50 for industry leadership. He was a founder of the Military Open Source working group, a member of the SIIA Software Division Board, the Board of Directors for the Public Sector Innovation Group, the Open Technology Fund Advisory Council, New America’s California Civic Innovation Project Advisory Council, and the CivicCommons Board of Advisors. He perks up when people talk about commoditization and the industrial mobilization of World War II. He is also co-host of the Dave and Gunnar Show.

Prior to joining Red Hat, he worked as a developer, systems administrator, and IT director for a number of Internet businesses. He has also been a business and IT consultant to not-for-profit organizations in New York City. During that time, he spearheaded the reform of safety regulations for New York State’s electrical utilities through the Jodie Lane Project.

Gunnar’s CV is available in HTML, PDF, and on GitHub.


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