Logiciel Libre au Québec

Last week, I had a chance to give a talk on the history of Open Source in the US Government at the Salon du Logiciel Libre et des Technologies Ouverts du Québec. They were an extraordinarily welcoming crew, and Laurent Bounin and friends did a wonderful job with the speakers and the space. It was the first time I've addressed an audience inside a working ferry terminal.

This Week: San Antonio

I'll be spending most of the week at La Cantera in San Antonio for the Alamo ACE event. On Tuesday, I'll be conducting a panel on the Joint Information Environment and on Wednesday, I'll be giving a keynote. A 90 minute keynote. During lunch. Dave called it "the Ironman of public speaking."

Red Hat Summit 2013!

I'll be in Boston for Red Hat Summit this week. I'll be at the "Streamline & Accelerate IT Service Delivery with OpenShift Enterprise" talk on Thursday, and at the government lunch right after. Otherwise, I'll be milling around trying to sweet-talk engineers into working on government problems.