The Navy’s Standardization Problem

Using open source software, the US Navy was able to standardize the shipboard systems on its new destroyers, reducing the complexity of the ship's systems and their reliance on proprietary real-time software. Wall Street now uses this same technology to execute orders predictably, without relying on vendor-specific hardware and software. Every ship in the Navy … Continue reading The Navy’s Standardization Problem

New Year, A New Approach

So now we're going to try something different. The only way to improve is with practice, and we'd like to get better at being a creative, vital influence on the rest of the world. The day job just isn't cutting it. So every day, we'll be creating something. It might be a photograph, an art project, a mix tape, or even just a considered blog post... but everyday, *every day*, we'll be putting something back into the world. Today, of course, is the redesign of the site.