Computer In a Wall

Sugata Mitra installed a computer in a concrete wall, facing an alley that local children used as a bathroom. In short time, these mostly illiterate children became computer-literate -- downloading MP3s, drawing with MS Paint, and playing games on

The children create their own metaphors to do this. To give you an idea of what I mean, a journalist came up to one of these kids and asked him, "How do you know so much about computers?" The answer seemed very strange to her because the kid said, "What's a computer?" The terminology is not as important as the metaphor. If they've got the idea of how a mouse works and that the Internet is [like a wall they can paint on], who cares if they know that a computer is called a computer and a mouse is called a mouse? In most of our classes here at NIIT, we spend time teaching people the terminology and such. That seems irrelevant to me with these children.

MPAA Pirates Movies

Kerry Howley of Reason interviews Kirby Dick, who's promoting his film This Film Is Not Yet Rated:

Reason: Has there been any retaliation from the MPAA since they saw your film and slapped it with an NC-17 rating? KD: They pirated my film. ... The attorney from the MPAA who makes the animated appearance in my film calls me up and says "Kirby, I have to tell you, we have a copy of your film. But you don't have to worry, because it's safe in my vault." Well, you can imagine how reassuring that was. ... The MPAA, this paragon of anti-piracy, has taken my film eight months before its theatrical release, and has copies circulating I don't know where. Maybe the film is in Malaysia by now. I hope so.

Cuba Killed Kennedy

Interviewed for the film, Alexander Haig, then a U.S. military adviser and later secretary of state, quoted Johnson as saying "we simply must not allow the American people to believe that Fidel Castro could have killed our president."

"And the reason was that there would be a right-wing uprising in America, which would keep the Democratic party out of power for two generations," Haig said.

When RDC for OS X isn’t working

Q: Why does Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection for OS X tell me that I've reached the user limit or that I'm having a network error when neither of these things is true? A: There's a license file. It's on your Mac, in /Users/Shared/Microsoft. Delete this directory and try again. That should take care of the problem.