#17: An Internet of *My* Things

This week, Dave and Gunnar talk about: Evolution of evolution, skeumorphism (again), Onion Pi, Brick Pi, Red Hat Summit 2013, an interview with Nirmal Mehta and some lessons learned from Google and NSA. This is an enormous episode, the longest we've done yet. If you just want to hear from Nirmal, jump to 1:00:00. Yes, an hour in. This episode is epic.

On the quality of journalism in my industry

Word is out that Regina Dugan is leaving her post as director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to sign on with the empire of search-engine giant Google. But it looks like an ongoing Defense Department Inspector General’s office audit of DARPA contracts and conflict-of-interest policies will continue. Thank you, Charles S. Clark of … Continue reading On the quality of journalism in my industry